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wearable art, designed to make you smile

Both the sweatshirts + shirts were sooo soft & comfy!


So cute and literally the softest fabric, so cozy! 


Amazing!! Totally love it!


I got the stickers I ordered and I LOVE them. They're so cute! 



Celina ; mama & artist.

Hi! My name is Celina. I’m the artist behind the goofy, whimsical, art you can find on this page. I am a stay at home mama to 3 little girls! Based on those things alone, you can safely assume that there’s always something I *should* be doing! But, in the middle of all the responsibilities of life, I still have a deep need to create things. I’ve always loved all things artsy, but recently I decided to pursue becoming a helicopter pilot. So now I have a new purpose behind making and selling my art: funding my new goal!

If any of my art appeals to you, please know that your purchase not only makes me so happy to share my art, but it’s also making the sky no longer my limit. Thank you for supporting my dream! 🌊🚁💙